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Jason Butler lives life at full speed with enthusiasm and energy. As everyone who knows Jason can attest, his lively, outgoing personality and zest for life are contagious to those around him. At 31 years old, the most important things to Jason are his family and friends, his sports and activities, and being helpful. His mother, Aggie, said, “We always run into people Jason knows. He remembers details about everyone he meets, such as their family members’ names, and asks about them when he sees them.”  It is his pure joy in living life to its fullest, along with his caring and compassion for those around him that are his “superpowers.”

Jason was just one month old when he started having physical and occupational therapies to help straighten and strengthen his legs and feet. As a child with developmental delays, he required a lot of repetition to learn the correct ways to walk and run. This early intervention paid off and as a result, Jason is able to play the sports he loves including running track in the Special Olympics, swimming, basketball, and football.

As an adult, Jason’s life has been enriched through many of the programs at the Achievement Centers for Children. In 2011, Jason was one of the original players in our Cleveland Browns Adapted Football League and has played every year since. He loves our Weekend Respite Camps, which makes him feel more independent. Jason attends our River Rock Adult Day Program at Camp Cheerful year-round where he especially enjoys being with his friends, going on community outings, dancing and playing instruments with “The Band” every week, swimming, and bowling. He loves the cooking and baking classes and working at the “snack shack” selling snacks to the day campers in the summer.

We’ve seen Jason learn new skills along with increased independence and responsibilities. He helps out around Camp Cheerful doing such things as feeding and brushing the horses, shredding papers in our camp office, and some landscaping work. He was welcomed on stage at our annual “Cheers to Camp Cheerful” fundraising event to help guests understand why their support is needed and appreciated.

Programs offered through the Achievement Centers gives adults like Jason opportunities to develop their special abilities, enjoy their days doing meaningful activities, and continue their lifelong learning. Support from our community makes these programs possible and means the world to each family.

"Jason remembers details about everyone he meets, such as their family members' names, and asks about them when he sees them."

Aggie Butler, Jason's mother
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